A vintage Ford Bronco with shearling seatcovers. That pair of handmade, sun-faded adirondack chairs out on the deck. Your old man's '64 Boston Whaler, still revered as the unsinkable legend. These things bring us back to simpler times. They were created with careful intention and designed to be well-loved, and last.

We've been making small-batch handsewn mocs for over a decade out of our own little workshop/garage in Lewiston, Maine USA (both for ourselves, and for other brands) - and finally we felt it was time to build something special around our favorite product from our design archives. 

Our aim was to create a shoe that embodied that feeling. Timeless, but still timely. Easy, but not lazy. Classic style, and incredible quality. Simply put, they're made to be used and last a very long time.

The Easymoc is equal parts house shoe, everyday shoe, and slipper. And they're made just the way we like it: handsewn, one at a time, in a small Maine workshop, by moccasin craftsmen with decades of handsewing experience.

Above all else: they're made for a good time.