Leather Balm

By Easymoc

We make small batch, hand made footwear with the best materials in the world. This Leather Balm lives up to that same standard we execute in our footwear. 

Pure Bears Fat and Beeswax. 6oz. tin

Hand Poured in Maine.

Use for full grain and smooth leathers. ***DO NOT USE ON SUEDE*** (unless you want a waxed/snuffed suede)

The Story - Back along when the American wilderness was really wild, your boots had a lot to do with survival. That meant using a recipe of bear fat and beeswax to keep boots dry and the leather healthy. ... not chemicals mixed up in a lab by some guys who've never seen a cedar swamp. We're talking about people using what nature gave them and making something that worked.
Wild beeswax and real bear fat -

there's no more natural way to preserve, protect
and soften your leather footwear.