The Easymoc shoe is a simple and comfortable option for everyday wear, featuring a lower heel and mule construction. It’s made for a good time. But did you know that the easymoc was inspired by the classic LL Bean camp moc shoe, which was invented all the way back in 1936? Heres how the Easymoc pays tribute to this classic shoe, while standing on its own:


The camp moc shoe was originally designed as a casual, comfortable shoe for leisure activities such as camping and hiking. It was characterized by its moccasin-style construction, which involved stitching the upper part of the shoe directly to the sole as well as a full leather wrap under foot and being closed by the “plug” or moccasin toe. This gave the camp moc a flexible and comfortable fit, while also providing durability and traction on rough terrain.


While the camp moc was originally intended for outdoor use, it quickly gained popularity as a casual, everyday shoe. Its classic aesthetics and comfortable fit made it a go-to choice for people of all ages.


Fast forward to today, and the Easymoc shoe pays tribute to the camp moc with its own modern twist. It maintains the classic aesthetics of the camp moc, with a moccasin-style construction and a variety of leather options to choose from. But the easymoc also incorporates some contemporary design elements, such as a lower heel and mule construction with a comfort EVA footbed. These updates give the Easymoc a versatile end use and look, while still providing the comfort and durability of the original camp Moc.


Whether you're cruising on a boat or just running errands around town, the Easymoc is the perfect choice for comfortable and stylish footwear. So if you're a fan of the classic camp moc, or just looking for a new go-to shoe, give the easymoc a try – it’s made for a good time.



Gregory Cordeiro
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